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Protect Ohio's Future is a group of concerned parents, grandparents, and educators living throughout Northeast Ohio communities.


We strongly believe the conservative rhetoric from the vocal minority has no place in our schools and public education must incorporate diversity, equity, inclusion and justice programs, comprehensive sex education, and social and emotional learning.  Additionally, until we can put the pandemic behind us, we support common sense COVID protocols, such as in-school masking and vaccines.


We support those candidates that share our values and want to help voters decipher the noise and misinformation being peddled by the radical right.



What disqualifies a candidate from being endorsed by Protect Ohio's Future?

At least one of the following:


- Being against diversity, equity, inclusion and justice programs (DEIJ)
- Being against social emotional learning (SEL)
- Being against comprehensive sex education (CSE)
- Conflating equality with equity (they are not the same)
- Conflating CRT with DEIJ  (they are not the same)
- Actively working to remove age appropriate books from the curriculum

- Attending the Stop the Steal rally on January 6, 2021
- Handing out Halloween treats with Trump 2020 stickers
- Being asked by the Republican Party to run without any experience
- Being endorsed by Ohio Value Voters and Protect Ohio Children

- Believing Ivermectin is a cure for COVID
- Being against common sense COVID protocols such as masking and vaccines
- Leading anti-mask protests at public libraries
- Leaving a public debateat a library for its mask policy

- Using the guise of "transparency" to undermine public education
- Previously working against public school levies
- Treating school board meetings like a set of the Jerry Springer Show
- Threatening school boards with silly lawsuits
- Being sued for repayment of debts
- Scrubbing a website of links to known radical right content
- Inability to correctly file a petition to run
- Having a professional license revoked

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